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I'm Joanne, Life Coach, Therapist and Law Of Attraction Practitioner.

My passion is helping people overcome issues or problems preventing them from living their best life.  Life isn't always a bed of roses.  Through my own personal experiences, it's often a lonely and complicated process accessing the right help and finding the right therapist.  I would like to help with the knowledge and experience I have gain I can assist you with the aid of tools and practices. Breaking down negative belief patterns that have been suppressed in your mind, releasing these beliefs, recreating a better foundation. You can  then start to live a more abundant life manifesting the future of your dreams.  

Whether it's the law of attraction, mindfulness shadow work, emotional problems, depression, relationship issues, grief, trauma or just developing on a spiritual level I can help...

Just starting out on your journey of development? Let me guide you on the path to enlightenment.

Meditation techniques, Meditation isn’t about becoming a different person, a new person, or even a better person. It’s about training in awareness and getting a healthy sense of perspective. You’re not trying to turn off your thoughts or feelings. You’re learning to observe them without judgment.  Eventually, you may start to better understand them as well. Breathing work, being aware of the breath and following the breath, deeply relaxes the mind and the body. Sound therapy is energy work  everything is energy and everything is vibrating at different frequencies. When there are blocks or stagnation in the body and mind, there is dissonance and a lack of coherence. Sound therapy helps to attune our bodies and our space to a more optimal frequency.” They can all aid in self development

When we truly connect to the beauty inside of us, then the beauty of life become much more vibrant!   

Live the life you desire 

If you choose this spiritual journey it is possible to enrich your life beyond belief. Its away of healing from the past aligning your past present and future with a new understanding.  Know that a true understanding of who you are on a spiritual level resonates through out your mind body and soul. Only when you relinquish limited beliefs about your self and lower your barriers around your heart can you start to discover the sheer beauty of life.  From a place of lack of self awareness, something wakes up and we  realize we are part of the matrix, but we are starting to awaken. The mind is becoming more active and new possibilities are emerging.  Now we recognize the opportunity to free ourselves from the crowd and jump over the road to freedom. This takes courage.  As we prepare to take charge, fear starts to lose its hold. Claiming Our Power: This is where it starts to get interesting. Now we get our first taste of freedom as we claim our right to live the lives we were born to live. The mind is expanding further now as we explore new possibilities. At this point, we enjoy the benefits of independence. People act differently, they may start to dress differently, travel, change jobs, develop new interests, and change the way they behave.  Embracing Our Greatness:  Exploring freedom leads to a deeper exploration of who we are.  This is when people begin to experience soul searching and recognition that the truth lies within, in the power of our hearts and souls. It’s the time when we bridge the gap between the restrictions of the physical plane and expansiveness of the spiritual plane. We are preparing to make the ultimate paradigm shift into a new way of being in the world, but don’t know where we are going.  Expressing Our Uniqueness  (Sovereignty)

Are you ready to shine your light and reclaim your divinity.  If so I cant wait to hear from you 



Life coaching

Spiritual life coaching 

Shadow work

Heal your inner child 

Meditation techniques 



Enhancing your intuition

Manifesting your future using the Law Of Attraction practises

Healing your chakra's and energy body

Distant Healing

Hypnosis for breaking habits, low self esteem and building self confidence.

 Addictive behaviour's such as alcohol or smoking.

 Weight Loss and Gastric Band hypnosis.

Fear and Phobias Hypnosis.

Past Life Regression 


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